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Kay Humphrey is a gifted, hard-working expert in finding the most becoming colors for each woman she works with. She helps to enhance your own personal style and beauty. But she is much more than an expert on women’s style and color, she is a kind, thoughtful caring friend with a sincere desire to help others. Having her “do my colors” really gave my self-confidence a boost!     Cynthia

Kay, Ralph suggested I send u a photo. We worked together in my closet and drawers today. Took us about 6 hours and here is the fall out. Ralph was so proud that I cleared out old and wrong colored items. It is so freeing to know what I have is truly what I need. Thanks so much for your advice and help yesterday. It certainly was the right time for makin​g such a large change.

Thanks very much for all your help. I feel so much better and ready to start a new job in a new area now that I have the clothes situation controlled. Rose

Kay was thoughtful and attentive to my goals throughout the Color Me Beautiful process. I appreciated where the process confirmed what I already knew and enlightened me with new understanding. I now feel empowered to increase my effectiveness as a leader and communicator using this new understanding.

Scott Savage, pastor and author, Prescott, AZ