"Color Alliance" Color Analysis

What colors make you look healthier, younger and more vibrant? Do you look better in cool or warm color clothing, accessories and makeup? You can have your own “before” to “after” transformation! We use a highly individualized computer analysis of your skin, hair and eye colors to determine your unique color harmony. From this analysis result, you will receive a custom made palette of forty colors that harmonize with you. Your Lifestyle Palette comes in a small zippered case perfect for shopping.

$130 includes your Color Alliance Lifestyle Palette

Please allow 1½ hours for each appointment.

*First Appointment, I

1) Select color Coordinates to match your skin, hair and eyes.

2) Verify with best hue level drapes.

3) Enter information to get seasonal name (Ex: True Lustrous Summer or Contrasting Rich Autumn)

4) Apply best colors in makeup for total transformation.

5) Drape to show best harmony of colors.

*Second Appointment

1) Show how to combine colors for their best balance. Receive Wardrobe Guidelines: best basics, enhancer and intensifiers.

2) Receive your (custom made) individualized Color Alliance Palette according to your exact hue, value and chroma. An absolute must for shopping. Receive wardrobe guidelines on what to keep and what to donate.

3) Skin Skan Analysis and Skin Therapy.

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